TAPPING FEET SHOPPERS Exhibition – On 24 - 25th and 26th of December’21 – At Royal Lawns


It is the most happening part of PCMC, shopping and party time of the year! Infinity Bharatiya is bringing to you a flea market themed around the festive Christmas season at Royal Lawns, Pimple Gurav!

Perfect opportunity for those businesses selling unique clothing, handmade jewelry, homemade desserts, packed foods, fashion accessories and anything amazing that suits the festive yet party season! If you are an entrepreneur looking for the buying crowd for your unique product, Tapping Feet Shoppers is going to be the opportunity you shouldn’t let go of!

The organizers have left no stone upturned to make sure that the entire PCMC turns up for the flea market. Be it festive colorful decor, variety of quality products, stand-up comedy shows, zumba and live music bands as well; everything is perfectly curated to attract massive footfalls!

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